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Bebisitting / keeping small children / and preschool children

AU PAIR is one of the programs that gives young girls from around the world the opportunity to get to know American culture, lifestyle, education and many other things and earn money through childcare and staying in American families.


In the eighties of the twentieth century in the United States, the idea emerged that young girls from different countries were given the opportunity to legally guard children's families in America. With the development of industry and technology, people have become very limited in leisure time due to increased hours of work, and there has been a need for hiring people who will take care of their children. AU PAIR is one of the programs that gives young girls from all over the world the opportunity to get to know American culture, lifestyle, education, and many other things by keeping children and staying in American families.


Program participants must primarily be people who love children and who have experience with keeping them. You must be prepared to spend one year in the American family, and be part of the same. HOST families AU PAIR programs are selected very carefully, so that the program's customization program as well as the program itself are as pleasant as possible. AU PAIR candidate must be infiltrated into the flow of life of the family he came to. His task will be to care for the children in the most appropriate way. Also, AU PAIR Agency cooperates with a large number of families in various parts of the USA where it may not be possible to use public transport. For this reason, it is extremely important that the participant of the program is an active driver, since American families mostly use their own transport vehicle. Also, the AU PAIR candidate must be between 18-26 years old first of all in order to maximize the integration with the children they will be guarding and also be adequately taken care of by the HOST family.

If you are:

persons aged 18-26, 

you have a minimum secondary school,

you have a B license,

you have not been convicted,

you have experience in babysitting,

you have not previously been denied a US visa,

you have a medium level of knowledge of English,

and you have not been a participant of the AU PAIR program (less than 2 years ago),

you meet all the requirements to apply for our program and start your adventure!


Au Pair program for season 2017: $ 399 + 7000,00 RSD
Method and dynamics of payment:
7000,00 RSD + 200 $ advance when applying to the Au pair program,
$ 199 after finding a Host Family before applying for a visa. Amount in dollars is paid in dinar counter value at the upper (upper) exchange rate of Erste Bank on the day of payment.
a pocket money annually in the amount of $ 10,000, which is about $ 195 a week,
accommodation and food provided by the HOST family,
online training on childcare,
a course at one of the college valued at $ 500 that the family also provides,
after the expiration of one year of family stay, there is a possibility of extending the stay to 6, 9 or 12 months,
two weeks of annual leave after 6 months of work,
airline tickets in both directions - provided by the family,
health insurance during the working part of the program,
the constant support of the American Adventure Team and the AU PAIR agency from the USA,
obtaining a DS-2019 form,
SEVIS costs,
Help with completing an application
organizing documentation for the sighting,
scheduling an interview in the United States Embassy,
testing knowledge of English language.
The price is NOT INCLUDED:
Visa costs ($ 160)
transfer costs from the airport to the HOST family in case they arise
a personal pocket of $ 300-500
airline fees in the amount of $ 100
NOTE: All costs quoted in dollars are paid in dinar equivalent to American Adventure d.o.o. at Erste Bank at the selling (upper) exchange rate on the day of payment. The visa fee is paid directly to the embassy. The payment order will be provided by an agent for the sale of the American Adventure Team.


a photocopy of a valid passport,
2 photos for US visa (5X5 cm with white background),
confirmation that you have not been convicted (from the MUP),
a photocopy of a valid international driving license,
recommendations for a minimum of 2 families that you have guarded with children,
recommendations the minimum of one person you have guarded with your child about your psychological profile,
welcome letter to HOST family,
medical certificate (you get a blank in the agency),
photocopy of diploma on acquired education (translated into English)
several photos in a family environment with children in the form of collage (JPEG format),
a photocopy of a passport that is valid for a minimum of 18 months from the application date.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone 069/55 44 030 or via the form below.


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